Economic mirror of the day, comments

We are informing you about the latest news of the activities of Institute of Global Economic Problems.

  The founder and chairman of the Institute Natig Shirinzade participated in the Conference of the Eurasian Business and Economic Society in Berlin. The conference lasted 3 days, from 23 to 25 May. On the second day of the conference, Mr. Natig made a presentation of a new article on the theme of migrants and their impact on the economy. The article was titled "Migration and social mobility within and between countries and its economic consequences in the period of globalization". Mr. Natig also had the pleasure of meeting and communicating with the founder of the Global Labor Organization, with Professor Klaus Zimmermann. The conference was held at the highest level, the most urgent problems of our time were discussed, interesting solutions to long-standing problems were offered, and we picked up many new ideas for ourselves.