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Grinberg Ruslan Semyonovich was born in 1946. In 1968 he graduated from the Lomonosov's Moscow State University in "Economy of foreign countries", in 1971 he completed his postgraduate studies in Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. Between 1972 and 1981 he worked at the Research Institute of price formation of the USSR. Since 1981 he has been working at the Institute of International Economic and Political Studies of the RAS (now - Institute of Economy, Russian Academy of Sciences). In 1995 he earned his doctorate with "Inflation in the post-socialist countries" thesis. Since 2003 professor Grinberg has been holding the position of the Director IIEPS RAS, since 2005 - the position of Director of the Institute of Economy RAS, and since 2006 he has been acting as a Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
His research interests include economic theory, globalization of the world economy, economic and political problems of the former Soviet Union, the state's role in the modern economy. Following these topics he has published more than 250 works. In 2000 he published a monograph "Economic Sociodynamics" (co-authored with A.Ya. Rubinstein), proposing a scientific concept of a revolutionary direction in economic theory. In 2005, the monograph "Economic Sociodynamics" was published (in English) in Germany and the United States by Springer Publishing.
Grinberg is a professor at the Moscow School of Economics of Moscow State University and at the Department of Management at the Higher School of Moscow Art Theatre, where he teaches a course on international economic relations and the economy of foreign countries. He is also a professor at the Bratislava Academic Society.
Grinberg's works have been published in a number of foreign countries, including the United Kingdom, Poland, Austria, the USA and Germany. Ruslan Grinberg regularly participates in international conferences in his country and abroad. He is an initiator and an active participant of the Russian-American Group for economic transformations, the Chairman of the CIS Committee of the National Investments Council, the chief editor of the magazine "World of Change", the Chairman of the Expert Council of the Higher Attestation Commission, the President of the Russian ECAAR section ("Economists for disarmament"), Chairman of the Editorial Board of "Property relations in the Russian Federation."
Grinberg has been awarded the Order of Friendship (Presidential Decree of 08.11.2008, N 1593), medals "Veteran of Labour", "850 years of Moscow", a Certificate of Merit of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences, medal of the Institute of Economy RAS.
15 Ph.D and four doctorate theses have been written under his guidance.
July 19, 2012 Grinberg was elected a member of the Civic Chamber of the Moscow region.
In 2013-2014, for the formulation and development of the theory of economic sociodynamics Ruslan Grinberg and first deputy director IE RAS, professor A.Ya.Rubinstein were awarded prestigious international prizes of the World Association of Political Economy (Shanghai, China, November 12, 2013) and the Polish Economic Society (Poland, Warsaw, 28 November 2013), and received a diploma of the Center for Macroeconomic Research and International Finance (CEMAFI) at the University of Nice - Sophia Antipolis (Université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis) (France, Nice, May 6, 2014).
October 15, 2014 first vice president of the Free Economic Society of Russia (VEO) V.Krasilnikov awarded Ruslan Grinberg and first deputy director IE RAS, Honored Scientist, professor A.Ya.Rubinstein the "VEO honorary diploma for outstanding contribution to the development of economic science" for development of the theory of economic sociodynamics.
October 16, 2014 Ruslan Grinberg was elected the President of the New Economic Association
In 2014 Grinberg was awarded diplomas of trust of Russian journalistic community for his openness, loyalty, proactive stance and as a tribute and recognition of his merits in arrangement of modern Russia.
In 2015 Ruslan Grinberg and first deputy director IE RAS, Honored Scientist, professor Rubinstein were awarded the Lomonosov's prize for II degree scientific works for a number of works on formulation and development of the theory "Economic sociodynamics".
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