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Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The President of Azerbaijan Republic , his exellency Ilham Aliyev announced new priorities about the providing internal needs of local market by own production, about increase the role of export-oriented industry. For effective implementation of government targets was reformed tax and custom systems, was created technoparks with preferential taxation and a number of other advantages. In the area of global ecosystem positioned on the local and foreign markets it is not so easy.It is required innovative activities from entrepreneurs.

Everyone who registered the company should not be taken entrepreneur. “The entrepreneur –said The French economist Jean Baptiste Say-transfers economic resources from the area of more lower to the area of more higher productivity and greater impact.” Consequently, the entrepreneurs should consider changes as norm and as a sign of prosperity, they must be in a constant search for sources of change, to react on them and to consider them as new opportunities. It is worth noting that the entrepreneur should be able to turn even happening around the negative (for example, the decline in oil prices) into the positive (for example,become a member of restructured global market).

At the heart of entrepreneur s activity should be based targeted innovation strategy.Innovative activity gives a new quality to available resources to promote multiplication of wealth. Succesfull entrepreneurs try to create something useful. At the same time it is not enough for them just to improve , what already exists or to make changes. They seek to give to their innovations new, distinguishing value and turn “material” to “resources” or to combine already existing resources in new, more succesfull combination.

Existing sharp dynamics of changes of global scale in political, economic, requires from managers and employees of company more sensible flexibility to certain decisions.

There is a whole branch of knowledge that guru of management Peter Drucker , called entrepreneurial management . That he should consider happening in society the change of perception and mood, thereby to turn a company in driving locomotive economy .

Having received support of electorates in the referendum, the President is on the way to the formation of the entrepreneur community through the effort of the state vertical and by giving in a partnership of “state-society” elasticity. Innovation and business are needed to society not less than economy. Because they give to any society, to any economy the industry of ability to self-renew. President builds gradually economy, where a lot of innovators and entrepreneurs,who has access to the capital,where there is an entrepreneurial spirit

There is an area in which the entrepreneurial society requires major social innovations . It is government policy , aimed at solving the problem of surplus workforce.

For successful solving this problem has been created government afency the Ministry of Education, which took up enthusiastically for creating of fundamental basis.

We consider, that despite enormous reforms, tax system is not able to the movement of capital from the day yesterday to the day tomorrow. All hiden overheads,reducing productivity, should be revised.

In the business community doing complex tasks requires constant training and retraining. Today requires a radically new way of thinking of all levels. Teachers must recognize that fact that education is no longer a lot of very young people and that the main problem-also promising opportunity is protruded future training of already educated adults.